2 days with Willem de Thouars (Uncle Bill) at Tescao Martial Arts

Uncle Bill.jpg

For two days, Willem de Thouars (Uncle Bill), grandmaster of Pentiak silat Serak, shares his family secrets and closely guarded martial arts with metro Atlanta. 6 hours each day is adequate enough to have plenty of information without overwhelming the students.

This a special opportunity. He will share leg trapping and leg sweeps and correct body positioning. Silat leg trapping and sweeping techniques are quite different and unique in many ways. The art of Serak is to spin a web around an opponent that counters and attacks. His family successor, guru Santiago Doblos, trained with Uncle Bill for 30 years, and is by far the best in distinction, will be assisting him. They will also train the bladed arts from unarmed to armed combat and also sticks.

March 24th 

9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm

March 25th

 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm

For more information, email: tescao@mac.com

Address: 3035 Peeler Road, 30360

(At the corner of Winters Chapel near the Walmart)